Is Anonymous email a safe alternative for Dark Web users?


When you browse on the dark web for any reason ranging from buying stuff to have correspondence with other people, you will need to use an email address. For obvious reasons you are not safe if you use your personal email address, that is where you will require to create an anonymous email account.

How can anonymous email keep me safe on the dark web?

When you are browsing on various dark web onion pages, and have come across something interesting like buying a very important book which you wanted, the marketplace will require an email address to register with them in order to buy the book. Since the dark web is not a safe place to share your email address, a wiser choice is to insert an anonymous email address that does not reveal your true identity.

On the surface web too, there are hackers lurking, and so any correspondence you conduct using your personal email account may not be safe. It is easy nowadays to hack into emails. That is why there is a greater need now to use an anonymous email address that cannot be hacked into and after the emails and sent or received, they are deleted as soon as you read it. So, there is no trace of it. Your IP address is also masked, so no one knows where you are. This anonymity is why people want to use anonymous email as a safe alternative for dark web users.

How to open an anonymous email account?

You can create a free anonymous email account through reputed and secure email providers. It is easy to create an email account, since you do not have to provide any personal information, not even your name or age, or location. It is completely anonymous and safe.

Features of genuine dark web email services:

Following are the features you must look for in genuine email services that operate on the dark web:

  1. They do not ask for any personal information to sign up.

  2. You can simply register using a username and password and every time you need to access your anonymous email account, simply insert the username and password.

  3. Send and receive hassle-free emails securely.

  4. The server of the email provider uses a high-end firewall, so no one can hack into it.

  5. The anonymous email user can easily share sensitive information through emails.

  6. The email account is highly encrypted so that no one can hack into it.

  7. Access your secure mailbox anytime from anywhere.

  8. Simply copy and paste the browser address of the onion email service provided by email encryption service providers in the Tor browser and you are ready to set up your very own dark web anonymous email account.

Benefits of Dark web email account:

  1. It saves you from identity theft and hackers.

  2. You avoid spamming and are also not part of spam lists.

  3. You have sensitive information that needs to see the light of day, then an anonymous email to a journalist will do the trick, without you or your email being traced.

  4. Your IP address and location is also encrypted and safe.

  5. You can send and receive emails without being traced and the emails are also encrypted.

What is the best way to send anonymous email on the dark web?

The best and safest way to send anonymous emails on the dark web is using a VPN. Though Tor browser is safe, it still can be poked around for information. Hence, using a VPN gives a user an added encrypted connection to access their emails. A VPN is a virtual private network that encrypts the traffic through multiple servers, making it difficult for anyone to trace it.

It is always better to go with a reputed and secure dark web email provider. We recommend zMail.eMail.