How to be Completely Anonymous Online?

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Anonymity is underrated, but when you think about all the frauds and email hacks going on, keeping your identity and financial information safe has become a necessity. One can be completely anonymous and still be able to browse on the internet without compromising on your location or personal information.

Ways to access your Mail Complete Anonymously

Below are some ways to keep your online browsing anonymous.


When browsing on surface web, using a VPN is a good option to keep your IP location or geolocation masked. You can use a good VPN service for this. When you use a VPN to connect, you are shown as in a different location and your IP address is also hidden. This way you can evade marketing companies or Ad companies who send notifications or feature Ads based on your browsing history. Using a VPN is also good when browsing on the dark web as your location is hidden properly.

2.TOR Browser:

TOR browser stands for The Onion Router, which is the most popular browser used to browse on the dark web. It is an open-source browser which was specifically created to browse on the dark web with .onion pages by the US Navy. One needs to download the free browser first from the TOR website. It is best to download the browser on a pen drive so that it is launched quickly and is not integrated in your Operating System as no browsing history will be saved and your TOR browser is portable and can be used immediately on any device.

Since TOR has plugins and themes already installed on it, there is no need to download anything else additional to TOR. It is also important that one does not minimize or maximize the TOR window, as it could trigger some in-built plugins to be deactivated or not work properly, this could reduce the security layers of TOR.

It is important to check the TOR settings to see the level of security, it is highly advisable to change the security to "HIGH" to ensure maximum security and anonymity. Browsing safely and privately is easy with TOR. It is also safe and secure to shop for books, clothes or kitchen appliances etc. and even access encrypted mail services through TOR.

3.Tails OS:

Tails is an OS from Linux which is especially used when using the dark web. It is a portable OS that protects the user against censorship, viruses, advertising and surveillance. Tails enables a secure connection to the dark web without compromising on your identity or important information. One can download the free OS on a USB stick and can stick into any device and start using it. Tails is known be used by activists, journalists and their sources, and anyone who need extra privacy in the digital world.


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Staying anonymous online is something which you may have not thought about right now. However, sooner or later, with governments spying on their citizens or hackers lurking in the least expected places, financial information leaked on the dark web could leave you with no other choice, but to use all the above tools to stay anonymous.